Car Insurance Claims in Spain – Help Communicating

Many insurance companies in Spain do not have English speaking customer service agents, or they say that they do, but problems arise and you can never get through.  What do you do when you have to make an motor vehicle insurance claim in Spain and nobody wants to understand you?

MizzFixit has dealt with many problem insurance claims in Spain on behalf of owners who just did not have the patience.  It entails a lot of hanging around on the telephone and email correspondence, but MizzFixit’s team are on hand to take care of all these tasks for you.  They will even arrange for the inspection and repairs at the approved (by the insurance) garage and pick up of the poorly vehicle if necessary.

Just remember that if you have an accident always remember to get the ‘Declaracion Amistosa de Accidente’ signed by both parties involved, as this will dramatically speed up the claims process.  If the other party refuses to sign the form, then you should immediately take photos with your mobile phone including the registration of the other vehicle and call the Police emergency number 112  or 092. You should then both wait with the vehicles involved and also talk to any possible witness who will be able to assist in who is to blame.

If, once you have done this, you are completely bewildered as to how to proceed with your motor insurance claim in Spain, let MizzFixit take over for you.


Live example: Help with making a car insurance claim in Spain

Download a copy of the Declaracion Amistosa de Accidente form



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