Do you know where to get your Libro de Reclamaciones (Customer Complaints Book)?

If you run any kind of commercial establishment, you are obliged to have a Libro de Reclamaciones and also have a sign somewhere clearly visible that says you have it.  If any customer wishes to make a complaint of any kind, he will have to complete a form from this book which will then be lodged with the Consumer’s Office together with copies of invoices or any other supporting documentation.

The Consumer’s Office will then process the claim.

Case Study
A client who has recently opened a real estate business called Mizz Fixit to ask where could he get this book.  There are many gestorias who can provide this for you, but Mizz Fixit had to accompany him to Malaga anyway for a bank appointment (it’s always handy to have her around for translations, especially as she has years of experience working in banking) and she took him to get his Libro de Reclamaciones at the same time.  Dead easy and it took a matter of minutes!   Another job completed by Mizz Fixit – for alot less than a gestoria would charge.

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