Thank You For Helping With Our Rogue Estate Agent

We rented a beautiful apartment in Marbella, Spain and our agent seemed great at the time, however it wasn’t until we were ready to vacate the property that we realised that the deposit hadn’t been passed on to the owner. What a nightmare!

A friend recommended Mizzfixit (Yolanda) to us and I have to say that her performance was remarkable in such a difficult situation. We felt for the owner, but the original agent who handled the rental had disappeared.

Yolanda attempted contact with the agent, but with no luck. Our owner was Spanish, and his English wasn’t great so we found ourselves potentially facing legal action. Yolanda negotiated an acceptable settlement and communicated with the Spanish owner in a way that diffused the whole situation.

We were that impressed with her knowledge of the Spanish system, that we used her again on numerous occasions for help with things like finding a cleaner, telephone and internet lines and she even found us a real Christmas tree!   MizzFixit is a godsend.

Mary and Adam, Marbella

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