NIE Number Application

What is an NIE number ?

(EU citizens only)

Spanish Law establishes that everyone, regardless of nationality, resident or not, who has any “official business” in Spain, must have an foreigners identification number (NIF/NIE) which is used to identify them on all official documents.

In Spain you cannot legally buy property, a house, car, boat etc without providing a NIE number. Neither can you arrange an insurance policy or order certain goods or services, sign on for the National Social Security, Health Service or begin a job without this number.

What is the difference between an NIE and NIF number? People often talk about or ask for your NIE or NIF number. They are the same number. The NIE is used for confirming your identification whereas, if you wish to carry out any fiscal function such as opening a bank account, buy a property, car, boat etc it is referred to as an NIF (fiscal) number. (Spanish nationals equivalent to this is called a DNI).

Do I have to apply to the police personally for an NIE? Normally, yes, but it is now accepted that where applicants find difficulty in attending a Spanish National Police Station personally, they may apply through a solicitor; to do so they must give the solicitor their full bilingual and legalised Power of Attorney (POA) and completed NIE Application Form. Most solicitors will charge around 150 Euros or more PLUS courier fees and notary fees for the POA.

Alternatively, if you are in Spain, MizzFixit will take away the pain of queuing at the Police Station from the early hours of the morning. She will call you approximately 30 minutes before your ticket number is called so that you can join her at the Police Station entrance. At this stage, she will also have the paid the necessary taxes for the NIE application (which are normally around Eur16 per person) and prepared the necessary documentation. You will be required to show your original passport and sign the form and of course MizzFixit will accompany you to translate. If it is necessary to return to the Police Station a second time to collect the NIE certificate, then MizzFixit will arrange for your authorisation so that you do not need to attend. Our charge for this NIE Application service is Eur 70* per person or Eur120* per couple.

*prices are subject to fluctuation



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