Spanish Utilities Cut Off Or Disconnected? What Went Wrong?

Many of us here in Spain rely heavily on the postal system to deliver our Spanish utility bills so that we can go to the Bank or the Post Office to pay them. Most of the electricity companies now have online access (beware the minute you register for this service, as you will no longer receive the bills by post) but perhaps you don’t always have internet access.

You may perhaps believe that your bank is paying the bills, but of course they won’t notify you if one of the debits is rejected for timing of funds. When this happens, within the next 2 or 3 months, you find your Spanish utilities are cut off!

To get your Spanish utilities reconnected, will entail various telephone calls, emails and visits to the water or electricity company (yes, early morning is best and patience is most definitely required), as well as visits to the Bank.

Alternatively, give Mizzfixit a call and she’ll have your electricity and Spanish water utilities reconnected in a flash!


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