Car Insurance Claims in Spain

Car insurance claims in Spain can very often be daunting.  Perhaps your car is insured by a Spanish insurer and you’re not comfortable  communicating with them, or perhaps you simply do not have the time.

Mizzfixit recently had a case of a poor lady whose husband was terminally ill in hospital.  One morning on the way to visit him, she had a small accident in the car.  Fortunately it was not her fault and she was not injured, but she really did not have the time or patience to deal with the claim.  She called Mizzfixit and she immediately took control.

Mizzfixit liaised with the insurer’s until the other driver’s insurance company accepted responsibility and then she arranged  for the car to be fixed.  All the lady had to do was bring the car to the garage for repair.  More on car insurance claims in Spain

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