Utility Costs Spain – ICP’s

Many people are currently experiencing huge problems with their Spanish electricity bills.  It might be that you’ve noticed that a surcharge is appearing on your electric bill with mention made of an ICP (Interruptor de Control de Potencia). If you don’t pay, you could find your Spanish utilities disconnected!

This is a new legal requirement for all electric installations and there is a lot of uncertainty as to how to go about getting this installed.  The cost of this really depends on the level of Kw power supply you have contracted and also on the age of your property.

It MAY involve getting some of your electrical installation upgraded or rewired in order to obtain a ‘boletin’ which is a certificate stating that the wiring has been revised and checked officially.  Mizz Fixit has helped several clients with this issue.  She’ll charge around Eur65 for a basic change of contract to tenant’s name (for example), and charges for other issues can be supplied on request.  What happens if you’re not around to let the engineers in or you don’t understand what they’re saying?… don’t panic, Mizz Fixit will see to it for you.

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