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Problems with IBI tax payments

Do you owe IBI on your Spanish property in the Costa del Sol and need some help in sorting it out?  Mizz Fixit was out and about this week doing just that.  She was approached by a client living in the UK who owed over 5 years in IBI and Rubbish (Basura) taxes on his Spanish holiday home in Mijas-Costa and his bank account was about to be embargoed.  (Meaning basically that the local Town Hall will automatically remove funds from his account until the debt was paid off, with interest.)  Firstly, many people don’t actually realise that very often you can pay your IBI and Basura taxes, by credit card, directly to the Town Hall.  But that means that you have to physically be here as they will not take credit cards by telephone.  This client now lives in the UK and rarely comes to Spain.  On this occasion, Mizz Fixit was dealing with Mijas Town Hall.  She found out exactly what was owed by the client and arranged for the debt to be paid off in 12 month instalments by direct debit, couple of visits to the Town Hall and a few emails to the client in the UK and hey presto…….. another job fixed!  If you need any help sorting out IBI taxes problems, just call Mizz Fixit.

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