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Electricity Reconnection Marbella

Mizzfixit had an interesting case recently.  Some four years ago, a family who live in the UK had the electricity meter stolen from their property and they were left connected up to the street supply.  They had no idea of this as they only used the house for 6 weeks a year.  Eventually Endesa caught up with them and demanded just over 4000 euros in respect of usage relating to the previous 4 years.  Of course, they were completely shocked and argued that they only use the property for holidays.  The solution was reached by us providing the water bills which showed clearly from the consumption that what they said was true.  Endesa then agreed to reduce the debt by half.

The question arises as to how this family didn’t realise that no payments were coming out of their bank account for the electricity, but nothing surprises Mizzfixit any more!  In any case, they now have their electricity reconnected and we’re sure that they’ll be keeping a closer eye on things in the future.

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