Expat Help With My Motor Accident in Spain

My Testimonial: Expat Help

I was first recommended the services of Mizzfixit during a legal wrangle pertaining a motor accident involving myself in Marbella, Spain in February 2012. Being a relatively new citizen to Spain, I engaged the services of my solicitor whom had dealt with my property purchase. Between February & May, there had been no progress between my solicitor, insurance company and the local authorities and at this point I sort assistance from Mizzfixit. The results were almost immediate and within the first 24 hours.

Yolanda North of Mizzfixit had managed to simplify a very drawn out process and penetrate a bureaucratic system indigenous to Spain. Her persistence, language skills and local knowledge were outstanding and the process of retrieving my vehicle was almost halved.

Owing to the professional & friendly service I received from Mizzfixit, I engaged their services further to assist with the purchase of a second vehicle. They managed to obtain a fantastic deal on the purchase with many extras one would not normally achieve at expatriate status.

I would strongly recommend Mizzfixit, particularly to anyone who has recently moved to Spain. They are an oracle of information regarding almost every scenario that you could possibly endeavor.


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